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Re: Softwares without source code - no tag?

Thanks for your reply.

In short, i would like to compile all softwares from source, and avoid all softwares without source code including very famous ones, adobe-flash, opera, official ati/nvidia drivers etc... In other words, archivers/unrar would be fine for me.

There are many reasons i love and prefer NetBSD but one of them is that pkgsrc installation scripts stops (even if dependency) softwares have license restrictions. Sample one is mplayer, and it requires win32-codecs license, and installation stops while compiling win32 codecs. Good work, good plus! Thanks!... This is why i do not use FreeBSD anymore. In FreeBSD 7, change directory to ports/www/opera and type 'make install'... and it installs without any warning.


Greg Troxel wrote:
Cem Kayali <> writes:

[dropping netbsd-users because this is solely a pkgsrc issue]

I'm aware of that, NetBSD pkgsrc installation scripts requires
acceptable_license variable in mk.conf or command line if there are
license restrictions. Almost all of closed-source / binary softwares
have license restrictions, and requires user to accept license (ie;
www/opera), as clue, but 'i assume' there are some without license
restrictions but without source code - distributed in binary format

Closed-source is not to me a precise term, so I'll avoid it, but in the
case of a program available only as a binary, to not have a license tag
the binary would have to be available under an open source or free
license, including the right to make and distribute derivative works.
That would have to be a BSD type license, since binary-only doesn't fit
with GPL.  I have not yet come across such a program.

The pkgsrc license framework is intended to enable people to understand
the licensing of software they build, and to enable them to avoid
building software with non-free licenses without having instructed
pkgsrc to do so.  It is not intended, so far, to avoid building packages
without source code.

It seems like unneeded complexity to add a tag for upstream distfiles
with binary only, because almost every such package has a non-Free
license anyway.  There are packages with free licenses available as
binaries, and most of those are named -bin (e.g., firefox, openoffice).

Joerg already answered about eggs.

         I would like to know, whether there is/could be a tag for
closed-source / binary softwares. As far as i know, there is no such
tag. Also i noticed that NetBSD pkgsrc page says 'It (pkgsrc
collection) is used to enable freely available software to be
configured...' using the word 'freely' which means free to use and
open-source (with source code). A non-free software should be tagged i

In that sentence, freely available does not mean Free.  We should
probably fix it.   It means "stuff you can get somehow".

Forgive me if this issue is out-of pkgsrc concept and principals... I
searched through FreeBSD ports documentation and they do tag only
license and distribution restrictions.

No problem; it's a fair question.

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