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Re: cannot start xterm on NetBSD-4.0

 >> - After manual running the following commands
 >>       cd /dev
 >>       ./MAKEDEV ptm
 >>       mkdir pts
 >>       mount pts

> You can add this to MAKEDEV under "init)":
>       makedev ptm
>       mkdir -m 0755 /dev/pts

I've added this code to /etc/rc.local (because /dev is on MFS)
and everything works fine now while booting.
But this is strange ;-( Before HDD failure everything worked fine
without this code.

 >>   xterm seems to work but says
 >>     utmp_update: Cannot update utmp entry: Resource temporarily unavailable
 >>     utmp_update: Cannot update utmp entry: Undefined error: 0

> Have you searched for "Cannot update utmp entry"? Same problem, same solution?
Thank you. I've found it :-) I really forgot -U option of

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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