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Re: cannot start xterm on NetBSD-4.0

 >>   0 ~>xterm
 >>   xterm: Error 32, errno 2: No such file or directory
 >>   Reason: get_pty: not enough ptys
 >>   32 ~>
 >> and there is no /dev/pts directory on my system

> # echo '/dev/pts /dev/pts ptyfs rw,auto,hidden' >> /etc/fstab
> # mkdir -m 0755 /dev/pts
> # mount /dev/pts

I still have a problem.

- On my system /dev is mount_mfs'ed at boot time
- After mounting /dev and creating files in it there are
  no /dev/pts directory and therefore mount /dev/pts fails
- Also there are no /dev/ptm{,x} files which I guess are also necessary
- After manual running the following commands
      cd /dev
      ./MAKEDEV ptm
      mkdir pts
      mount pts
  xterm seems to work but says
    utmp_update: Cannot update utmp entry: Resource temporarily unavailable
    utmp_update: Cannot update utmp entry: Undefined error: 0

  Why /dev/pts directory is not created automatically at boot time?
  /dev/ptm is also not created by 'MAKEDEV init' but by 'MAKEDEV all'.


    time(cpu-seconds)    unlimited
    file(blocks)         unlimited
    coredump(blocks)     unlimited
    data(kbytes)         716800
    stack(kbytes)        2048
    lockedmem(kbytes)    510734
    memory(kbytes)       1532204
    nofiles(descriptors) 1048
    processes            384
    sbsize(bytes)        unlimited

I'm trying to restore my NetBSD box after hardware failure.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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