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confusion with pkg_chk -N

I've just run pkg_chk -N and received the following output.

p5-Socket6: p5-Socket6-0.20
p5-INET6: p5-INET6-2.54
python24: python24-2.4.5
libtool-base: libtool-base-2.2
rsync: rsync-3.0.0 (probably better to wait for at least 3.0.1)
wget: wget-1.11.1

There are a few things I expect to appear in the above list and a few things I don't.

calculon:~> pkg_info -e wget
calculon:~> pkg_info -e python24

my PKGSRCDIR=/usr/2008Q1 and the system is NetBSD-4 running mostly 2007Q4 packages (with some exceptions where updates to 2008Q1 packages have already been done).

I was hoping this would answer the question of "what packages have i got installed that are from 2007Q4 that have an equivalent or newer version in 2008Q1?". So that I could finish updating the rest and discard any 2007Q4 things I've been keeping.

the /usr/2008Q1/doc/TODO lists wget-1.11, python24-2.4.5 but if I already have these versions installed why is pkg_chk -N telling me they are candidates for update?

I'm probably just not understanding what the tool is supposed to do could someone please educate me. Or if there is a better way to do what I'm trying to do I'm happy to hear it.


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