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Re: simh

2008/6/5 Zoran Kolic <>:
> Howdy!


> Prior to make some stupid mistake, I'd like to ask
> about simh options on 4.0, i386 version.
> Regarding documentation, the version of simh is 3.3.
> The up to date version is 3.7.3. In this moment I
> manage to install pkgsrc and compile it by the hand.
> Have to say that I saw the makefile of port version
> and had no insite in USE_NETWORK option.
> Since the ethernet support is vital to vms emulation
> on this node, I would be happy to know if the precom-
> piled version has it. I also installed this version
> and it did show something I thought was ominous: list
> seemed to show "no" for this.
> I install the latest version of pkgsrc, 2008Q1. Am
> I on the correct path? When the tar is done, whould
> simple "make" lead me to network including or not?
> Or where I could replace that package with the newer one
> and what options to add to makefile for USE_NETWORK?

I have attached for you a patch against the current emulators/simh
package. Just

# cd /usr/pkgsrc/emulators/simh
# patch < simh-3.7.3.patch
# make && make install

I just tested this - on a NetBSD 4.0 i386 VMWare2.0 machine, running
simh-vax - running NetBSD-4.0 ...

Networking works just fine , so I believe it should be working for
Vax/VMS as well.

If you don't care to compile it yourself, I have also left a package
for you at - you need only the
simh bit, the rest have been created by pkgsrc during the build.

> Best regards
>                           Zoran

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