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Prior to make some stupid mistake, I'd like to ask
about simh options on 4.0, i386 version.
Regarding documentation, the version of simh is 3.3.
The up to date version is 3.7.3. In this moment I
manage to install pkgsrc and compile it by the hand.
Have to say that I saw the makefile of port version
and had no insite in USE_NETWORK option.
Since the ethernet support is vital to vms emulation
on this node, I would be happy to know if the precom-
piled version has it. I also installed this version
and it did show something I thought was ominous: list
seemed to show "no" for this.
I install the latest version of pkgsrc, 2008Q1. Am
I on the correct path? When the tar is done, whould
simple "make" lead me to network including or not?
Or where I could replace that package with the newer one
and what options to add to makefile for USE_NETWORK?
Best regards


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