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Re: graphics/gle won't build -- can't find glut

AFAIK, this is probably safe to do.  As there is no DRI, it will fall
back to software rendering done in the X server.  Keep in mind,
however, that if the X server does not use Mesa 7.0.3, you'll be using
the Mesa version is built-in to the X server's glcore module.  This
may or may not pose a problem (you'll "probably" be OK).  If you're
going to do this, I recommend using wip/modular-xorg-server if
possible, as it uses Mesa 7.0.3 with relevant pkgsrc patches applied.

I will look into the gle issue when I have time, hopefully soon.

I allowed for building without dri, i.e. libOSMesa, mostly for
correctness (and because this is how it is traditionally done).


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