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Re: Build failure for ruby18-base-18.6.11 on OS X

On Sat, May 03, 2008 at 09:33:04AM -0700, Joe Van Dyk wrote:
> Latest CVS trunk, on OS X 10.5.2.
> ruby18-base segfaults when linking.  Build log below.  Let me know if
> I can provide more information.

I've also had the same problem as you, so I suspect it affects
everyone on intel-OS X. As a workaround I am currently running
ruby18-base- and ruby- which were the last versions
to successfully build (ask me off list if you want binaries of
these). However:

Package ruby18-base- has a access-validation-bypass
vulnerability, see:

So if you do run with as I do make sure you don't use
webrick as your web server.


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