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Re: Nautilus unable to browse home directory

> I have no idea why this worked when installed from source but the 
> package fails in this way. Any ideas?

Could be missing files from the packages, but its unlikely.

And if we talk gnome bugs:

I don't know if any related, but I have also some gnome strangeness.
gnome-settings-daemon fails to start by dbus, and i dont know why.
If i run it by hand it runs. dbus works ok. Any idea? :)

Also, gok fails to install (it wants to install nonexistent files from WRKSRC).

I can send more detailed information (dbus-monitor output, etc).

One last bug on my mind, that gnome-terminal wants to use ascii instead of utf8 
which i set in LC_CTYPE.
I have tried setting LANG and LC_ALL but no luck. Could be settings-deamon 


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