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propose pkgsrc hackathon to submit patches upstream

We have many pkgsrc patches that should be maintained in the original 

I propose a pkgsrc hackathon with the job of submitting patches upstream 
-- to the official developers.

This involves:

1) finding who or where to submit to, which may include subscribing to 
mailing list or joining some bug tracking system

2) maybe understanding the patches to explain

3) separating pkgsrc-specific patches

4) maybe improving pkgsrc-specific packages so that can be portable enough 
to share upstream also

5) submit patches individually or joining patches as needed (same 
fix/improvement over several files)

The goal is not to just support "pkgsrc" or NetBSD but to share back 
improvements regardless of platform.

The end result is pkgsrc will have less to maintain and understand, 
upstream developers will have more coordination with pkgsrc, and other 
software users (without pkgsrc) can benefit too.

You don't need to be a pkgsrc wizard to participate. In some cases, it may 
be as easy as just sending a friendly email: "Please consider applying the 
following patch for your next release ..."

Anyone available to help? Send some suggested dates and I will schedule.

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