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Re: firefox-linux: abort trap

On Wed, Apr 16, 2008 at 11:04:39PM -0400, Taylor Venable wrote:
> I'm running NetBSD-current on AMD64 using pkgsrc 2008Q1.  Using
> firefox-bin and firefox3-bin both give the following error when I try
> to run them:
>  534 [ taylor @ lionel ] : ~ > firefox-linux 
> [1]   Abort trap              "${prog}" ${1+"$...
>  535 [ taylor @ lionel ] : ~ >
> And then nothing happens.  It gets just far enough to create a
> $HOME/.mozilla/firefox/profiles.ini file, but then nothing more.  I do
> have a native seamonkey installed, and with it some add-ons (Adblock
> Plus and NoScript) in the global directory [that is,
> /usr/pkg/lib/seamonkey/chrome] but I didn't think that should have an
> effect.  Any ideas would be great.  While I don't *have* to use Linux
> Firefox, it would be really nice for some things.

I did a bit more looking and the same thing happens for sun-jdk6; if
you run the binary directly you get a message about a shared-object
not being found.  If I add the appropriate directory to the
LD_LIBRARY_PATH, I just get a simple "Abort trap" message and then
nothing else.

Taylor Venable  

foldr = lambda f, i, l: (len(l) == 1 and [f(l[0], i)] or
                         [f(l[0], foldr(f, i, l[1:]))])[0]

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