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Re: libnbcompat fails to link, in bootstrap on Mac OS X 10.5.2 (x86)

"J. Alexander Jacocks" <> wrote:

I initially tried to bootstrap on a case-insensitive filesystem, with
the insensitivity flag, but that failed, with a "mkdep: gcc -isystem
/usr/include: not found" message, on linking libncompat.  I then tried
again, on a case-sensitive HFS+ disk image, and got the same behavior.
 The pkgsrc tree was checked out today.  I have the disk image mounted
on /Volumes/pkg, and /usr/pkgsrc -> /Volumes/pkg/pkgsrc and /usr/pkg
-> /Volumes/pkg/pkg.

I just ran into this as well, on 10.4.11 (PPC) on a case-sensitive
file system (case-sensitive HFS+).

Something changed between my successful bootstrap on or about
200804070100Z and this message.

(I wiped my initial bootstrap and packages, updated pkgsrc, and was
trying to bootstrap anew.

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