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Re: Correct way to update bmake and bootstrap-mk-files?

On 29 Mar 2008, at 23:49, walt wrote:
Whenever the bmake and bootstrap-mk-files packages need updating, the
automated process fails because both of those packages are needed to
do the update ==> chicken-and-egg problem.

I deal with that problem like this:

sudo zsh
mkdir /safetmp
cp -Rp /usr/pkg/bin/make /usr/pkg/share/mk /safetmp
pkg_delete -ff bootstrap-mk-files
pkg_delete -ff bmake
cd /usr/pkgsrc/pkgtools/bootstrap-mk-files
/safetmp/bmake -m /safetmp install
rm -rf /safetmp

Please beware that the above can go horribly wrong. If it does all life as you know it will stop instantaneously and every molecule in your body will
explode at the speed of light(*).

        Kind regards

(*) Total protonic reversal.

Matthias Scheler                 

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