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Yet another hackathon: pkgsrc-wip hackathon

Hello pkgsrc users and developers!

I think everyone knows the pkgrsc-wip project, which aims at providing a 
testing ground
and learning place for (future) pkgsrc developers.
Unfortunately wip also became a place for unmaintained and stalled packages.
We believe that those packages could be very useful and worth some work to make
them ready to pkgsrc import. This is why I write this letter.

We would like to hold hackathons dedicated to pkgsrc-wip packages. I used plural
because it's a huge amount of packages to work on, so I'm pretty sure it will 
take more
than a weekend to sort them out.
The wip packages' number has about 20% of than of those in pkgsrc, so making it
closer to 10% would be a success.

We will start on 8th-9th of March (this weekend) and continue on 15th-16th.
As on the previous hackathons, we will be on the channel #netbsd-code on

We have a wiki page at to share ideas and progress:

We also need testers for various platforms, so don't hesitate to join us even 
if you think
you couldn't work on the packages directly.

See you on the hackathon!
 - Adam Hoka

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