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Re: Dovecot users: please test pkgsrc-wip/dovecot (1.1rc1)

> I just upgraded my installation and I can read my mail so I guess it
> works :-)

Scratch that ... major regression:
Reading mail worked, but not writing. When it tries to save the mail
in the outbox it fails, and the syslog gets messages like this:

dovecot: Feb 25 02:30:52: Error IMAP(tnn):
 fdatasync(/srv/mail/tnn/.Sent/cur) fail: Bad file descriptor

First I tried mmap_disable=yes but that didn't help.
Then I tried fsync_disable=yes and that worked, but the comments
indicate that might be dangerous. I'll use it for now ...
Btw, my mail server has NetBSD 4.99.48 on amd64.


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