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Re: Dovecot users: please test pkgsrc-wip/dovecot (1.1rc1)

On Sun, 24 Feb 2008 21:29:58 +0100
Geert Hendrickx <> wrote:

> Hi,
> I've been tracking the Dovecot 1.1 development releases in pkgsrc-wip/dovecot
> for a while now.  This package is now in Release Candidate stage, and will
> somewhere after the 1.1 release be merged into pkgsrc/mail/dovecot.  So now
> would be a good time to test the wip package.
> The config file should generally be backwards compatible, but you may want
> to read these notes before upgrading:
> The accompanying 1.1 Sieve plugin can be found in pkgsrc-wip/dovecot-sieve.

I just upgraded my installation and I can read my mail so I guess it
works :-)
One thing that bit me and that is not mentioned in the upgrade docs is
that the option "default_mail_env" was renamed to "mail_location".

Another thing is that the default values for login_max_processes_count
and max_mail_processes seem to be larger than what a default NetBSD
installation supports. I got this warning message:

> mail# /usr/pkg/share/examples/rc.d/dovecot start
> Starting dovecot.
> Warning: fd limit 64 is lower than what Dovecot can use under full load
> (more than 640). Either grow the limit or change login_max_processes_count
> and max_mail_processes settings
> mail#

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