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Re: impending update of amanda packages to 2.5.2p1

Greg Troxel writes:
- Nick (who works in my group at BBN) has recently updated our
- world to use 2.5.2 and to build amanda from pkgsrc on NetBSD and
- Mac OS X.  As part of this he's updated pkgsrc/sysutils/amanda*
- to 2.5.2p1. in a private repo, and I'm going to commit this to
- pkgsrc.  Testing amanda is always a bit hard, so this is a warning
- that it's going to happen and a request for people to test some
- time in the next week or so after I commit.

When I tried to build packages for 2.5.2 during the summer, the
test server was unable to back up itself.  It would get an error
trying to connect too itself over either the loopback or local
IP interfaces.

I hope that this works now? (just a heads up.)

(which reminds me, I need to re-remerge my chio-scsi patches,
and submit them, again.)

Any thoughts on building 2.6.0b1 packages,perhaps in pkgsrc-wip?

Eric Schnoebelen      
    "Life is all about ass...........your either covering it, laughing
     it off, kicking it, kissing it, busting it, trying to get a piece
     of it, behaving like one, or live with one..." -- Maxine

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