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Re: summary data about all packages in the repository

> Does anybody know a program/way to obtain a summary information
> about ALL packages in pkgsrc/ repository?
If anybody interested, see wip/pkg_src_update_summary

    pkg_src_update_summary incrementally updates summary about all
    packages in pkgsrc source tree.

    Algorithm. 1) pkg_src_update_summary quickly obtains micro summary
    information about all packages from pkgsrc source tree, "micro" means
    PKGNAME and PKGPATH fields only.  2) comparing summary_filename and
    micro summary collected in step 1 by PKGNAME field.  3) copying
    summary from summary_filename about unchanged packages.  4) collecting
    full summary information about all changed and new packages.
    5) new summary = 3+4

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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