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Re: impending update of amanda packages to 2.5.2p1

  When I tried to build packages for 2.5.2 during the summer, the
  test server was unable to back up itself.  It would get an error
  trying to connect too itself over either the loopback or local
  IP interfaces.

We are running 2.5.2 on the server (netbsd-3/i386), not quite built from
pkgsrc, and it's working fine.  2.5.2 did try to use IPv6 and we had to
add udp6 to amandad in inetd; 2.4.x did not try v6.

  (which reminds me, I need to re-remerge my chio-scsi patches,
  and submit them, again.)

OK, but please also send them upstream.

  Any thoughts on building 2.6.0b1 packages,perhaps in pkgsrc-wip?

We at BBN are unlikely to do this - I'm a bit of a trailing-edge type on
backups.  But sure, that would be a good thing to do.  I am more
inclined to push pkgsrc patches upstream, including fixing the build
system to not need so many patches to build split packages.

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