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Re: fonts/t1lib, x11/modular-xorg-server, x11/xdm, print/cups and lang/python24 in DragonFly BSD

After a quick look over the docs, I can't find any info for locale files ...
but it should probably go into share/ ... lib/ should be for libraries only

Greg Troxel wrote:
>   print/cups:
>   The PLIST is wrong. Because of that, this package cannot be bin-installed.
>   Attached is a patch to fix this.
> This seems to be a disagreement about where locale files go.  I build
> this on netbsd with PKG_DEVELOPER=yes and it's ok.  What does the pkgsrc
> guide say about the proper location of locale files?  Perhaps the
> package needs a patch/configure to force them to the pksrc hierarchy
> location?

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