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Re: [announce] wip/pkg_online - client/server search in pkgsrc packages

> Hi everybody. I'm develping pkg_online - tool for client/server search
> in pkgsrc packages. Documentation is not excellent yet, but I hope the
> following is clear enough for the beginning.

A few additional comments.

List of benefits I see:
- multiple search strategies (exact, prefix, substring, regexp etc.).
- multiple fields to search (PKGNAME, COMMENT, DESCRIPTION etc.).
- users don't need to download and keep pkgsrc tree up-to-date.
- makes efficient binary upgrades/installations possible.
  I treat it as a goal. currently serves only databases for source packages
  generated by wip/pkg_src_summary
- independence of dictionary server (the are a number open source dict
  servers), if you dislike dictd.
- you don't MUST use client/server approach or dictionary protocol at all.
  If your want to search packages offline or using different protocol,
  rewrite pkg_online_client utility as you like.

Note that, pkg_online is currently in the early stage of development.
How good future versions will be depends on you. Negative feedback is
also feedback. Feel free to contact me off list.

Later I'll setup cron jobs to update pkg_online databases pediodically.
Current databases are for demonstration purposes only.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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