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Re: education category?

Roland Illig wrote:

> That's not the meaning of "used" I meant. I know that these directories 
> are created. But what is the benefit of having them? When I want to 
> install some package, I always install it from the All/ directory, so 
> that I don't have to guess in which category it is.

Today I had reason to look up all the Perl packages we have.
Fine, just take a look at pkgsrc/README.html for the pseudo category
"perl5", I thought. Too bad, although many packages have this as a
second category it looks like there is no summary using this
Filtering pkgsrc/README-all.html for all packages starting with "p5-" is
certainly possible but I am sure to miss packages like audio/mp3cut or
mail/spamassassin this way.


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