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Re: HEADS UP: security/audit-packages removal

  But, to me, it does seem a bit counter user-friendly.  In the past
  AFAIK security/audit-packages was always optional, it was never forced
  on anyone.  But now, we are saying "because we're replacing it we're
  making the upgrade of pkg_install mandatory".   I prefer to leave it
  optional just like the install of security/audit-packages always was.
  If people want the functionality they know where it is.

I am coming from the view that someone should be able to do
'pkg_rolling-replace -uv' and have the right thing happen.  Having a
package go away unobviously seems bad.

By moving audit-packages into pkgtools/pkg_install, we are declaring
that it is nonoptional.  I think that's fine.

But, this is all a temporary glitch on the way to a perfectly fine

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