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Re: HEADS UP: security/audit-packages removal

Adrian Portelli <> writes:

> Greg Troxel wrote:
>> Is it the case that on all installed systems with pkgtools in the base
>> system, that either a) pkgsrc will object to the tools as old and force
>> pkg_install from pkgsrcrc or b) the base system tools include
>> audit-packages?  If that's true, sounds fine to me.
> If you're running NetBSD HEAD dated after 20070714 you will have the new
> audit-packages files in the base system.  You can still install
> pkgtools/pkg_install if you wish, as they will install to ${PREFIX} and
> pkgsrc will use them in preference to the pkg_install in the base.

That's fine.

> As of pkg_install-20070714 security/audit-packages and
> pkgtools/pkg_install will conflict as they both install the same
> audit-packages files.  So, if someone is running security/audit-packages
> and they wish to upgrade after I remove the package from CVS it's a
> simple matter of 'pkg_delete audit-packages' and install an updated
> pkg_install.
> So I think that's a 'true' on both counts :)

Not quite, but perhaps close enough.  For example, if I have a NetBSD-4
system with up-to-date in-tree tools, will pkgsrc object to those tools
as old?

Please enter a successor tag pointing to pkgtools/pkg_install when you
remove audit-packages, similar to:

        Removed graphics/gimp24 successor graphics/gimp [adam 2007-11-01]

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