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(GNOME) Totem and "Mutlimedia Systems Selector" issues


I have GNOME 2.14 from pkgsrc installed on my NetBSD machine. If I
start totem from the command line (even without a movie file), it
gives me an error message "The video output is in use by another
application. Please close other video applications, or select another
video output in the Multimedia Systems Selector" and refuses to play.

I have no other application using the video output. So if I go to the
"Multimedia Systems Selector", I find that there's two options for the
video output plugin: "autodetect", and "custom". Choosing either and
clicking on test gives me an error message: "could not initialize
supporting library".

I can play videos using VLC for instance, so I know the video and
codecs etc are all fine. Just that something seems missing/
misconfigured in my GNOME/ Totem/ GStreamer etc configuration. Any
ideas please?


NetBSD/i386 3.0 | Toshiba Satellite L10 |

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