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Index of Mail before 2008

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General lists
netbsd-announce security-announce current-users netbsd-users
netbsd-advocacy netbsd-docs netbsd-ports
source-changes source-changes-d source-changes-hg www-changes
netbsd-bugs coverity-updates
pkgsrc lists
pkgsrc-bugs pkgsrc-bulk pkgsrc-changes pkgsrc-changes-hg
pkgsrc-WIP-changes pkgsrc-users tech-pkg
Technical lists
tech-cluster tech-crypto tech-embed tech-install
tech-kern tech-misc tech-net tech-perform
tech-repository tech-security tech-smp tech-toolchain
tech-userlevel tech-x11
Port lists
tech-ports port-acorn26 port-acorn32 port-algor
port-alpha port-amd64 port-amiga port-amigappc
port-arc port-arm port-atari port-avr32
port-bebox port-cats port-cobalt port-dreamcast
port-evbmips port-ews4800mips port-hp300 port-hpcarm
port-hpcmips port-hpcsh port-hppa port-i386
port-ia64 port-ibmnws port-iyonix port-luna68k
port-m68k port-m88k port-mac68k port-macppc
port-mips port-mipsco port-mvme68k port-mvmeppc
port-news68k port-newsmips port-next68k port-ofppc
port-pc532 port-pdp10 port-playstation2 port-pmax
port-powerpc port-prep port-s390 port-sandpoint
port-sbmips port-sgimips port-sh3 port-sparc
port-sparc64 port-sun2 port-sun3 port-vax
port-x68k port-xen port-zaurus
Regional lists
regional-au regional-boston regional-ca regional-ch
regional-cs regional-de regional-fr regional-helsinki
regional-it regional-jp regional-london regional-nordic
regional-nyc regional-pl regional-sfba
Retired lists
atf-devel netbsd-desktop netbsd-java netbsd-jobs
netbsd-news port-evbsh5 port-hp700 port-sh5
pkgsrc-WIP-cvs pkgsrc-WIP-discuss pkgsrc-WIP-review
regional-pt tech-multimedia