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KDE features (missing in NetBSD ?)


Using KDE 3.5 on NetBSD 3.99.15, I don't get features I saw on my
father's laptop (running KDE on Linux/Ubuntu). For example:
- pluggin an USB key (on NetBSD) don't popup konqueror nor draws any
  icon on the desktop.
- sftp, ftp works with Konqueror but not "Remote Places" either because
  "The Lisa daemon does not appear to be running." or because "The
  Zeroconf daemon (mdnsd) is not running." both of which seem not to be
  present in pkgsrc.

I saw (on Linux) that hot-plugging USB and friend is linked to some
auto-mount Linux process so I'm not surprised it doesn't work on NetBSD
; but what for other stuff like SMB browsing ?

Is there any note somewhere listing what does not work with NetBSD
(because KDE is coded with Linux in mind I suppose) ?


PS: I installed meta/kde3 from pkgsrc-current (no CVS Tag) and start it
with "startkde".

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