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Re: KDE features (missing in NetBSD ?)

Hi Joel,

Yes there are a few KDE features that won't work on NetBSD. KDE is actually 
very OS independent, but you are right in thinking most KDE developers use 
Linux. Though i know KDE is also developed on FreeBSD and at least 1 Koffice 
developer uses NetBSD, 2 if you count me but I'm not really a KDE dev :)

As for your problems:

The USB notification wont work as we currently don't have a way for userland 
apps to be notified when a device is plugged in. There was someone working on 
this and some posts about it a while back. 

The Lisa Daemon comes with kde. open control centre and go to local Network 
browsing ->lisa daemon. Then use the set up wizard to get it up and running. 
If you can configure it it works well.

I haven't tried the mdnsd daemon but it is installed as a dependency of kde. 
It is the mDNSResponder package. I'm afraid i don't know how to get it 

If you set kde to build with samba support you can view samba shares. It is 
however very slow in my experience. In /etc/mk.conf add 

Its just minor things like this that don't work the bulk of kde does.

Hope that helps

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