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Re: pthread conflict

Quoting "Jeremy C. Reed" <>:
> What version of NetBSD are you using?


> Did you upgrade from old NetBSD like 1.x? Or did you use old packages (or 
> packages from an older NetBSD)?

I did have 1.6.x on that machine for a couple weeks, as I knew 2.1 was just
about to be released and didn't want to bother with 2.0.2 as a consequence. 
I've built all my packages from source, IIRC.

I suppose I might have had pth installed back then, and MesaLib (which was built
under 2.1) somehow built against those definitions rather than the system ones,
and then removed pth - though I'm surprised it would work that way.

> I'd just rebuild the packages if they are old. If not, tell us more, such 
> as specific package names, your OS version, the actual errors, the 
> file names, etc.

Will "make update" do the same thing for source as pkg_add -u -u does for binary


Tim Larson
Web Application Engineer
ElectricShoes Productions

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