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pthread conflict

Hello, listers,

I'm trying to build a project that uses the SDL package, which in turn relies on
GL provided through the MesaLib package.  I get an error that
is needed by /usr/pkg/lib/ but is missing.  Using pkg_info, I find this
is part of the pth package.  Odd - MesaLib doesn't list that as a dependency. 
Oh well, I install pth.  Now my project won't build because the definitions in
the headers from pth conflict with NetBSD's own thread definitions in 

Help, how do I get myself out of this?  Do I need to rebuild MesaLib to get it
to use native threads or something?  Does that mean I have to rebuild the
packages that rely on MesaLib?  I'm not sure why/how MesaLib isn't using native
threads already.


Tim Larson
Web Application Engineer
ElectricShoes Productions

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