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Re: spcaview, QuickCam Chat

Andy Ball wrote:

Hello Martijn,

  MvB> Try gmake. Many auto-generated makefiles are GNUified these
     > days.

gmake did much the same thing.

I tried following the instructions again at Mizuno Takafumi's site,
with a little more success.  This time I actually got as far as cc
trying to compile the thing.  It said...

    cc -O2 -Wall -g   -Werror    -c spcadecoder.c
    cc1: warnings being treated as errors
    spcadecoder.c: In function `fun_D':
    spcadecoder.c:739: warning: value computed is not used
    spcadecoder.c: In function `make_jpeg':
    spcadecoder.c:3993: parse error before `*'
    spcadecoder.c:3996: `start' undeclared (first use in this

Are you using gcc-2.95? This looks like a declaration that is intermixed with code. Add

    GCC_REQD+= 3.0

to the package Makefile and try again.


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