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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/kyua-cli

On 6/6/2012 23:39, David Holland wrote:
On Wed, Jun 06, 2012 at 11:05:58PM +0200, John Marino wrote:
  >  Okay, that's not fair.>  95% of the patches have no comment, and
  >  as far as I know, pkgdiff doesn't even generate comments.  This
  >  feature isn't used much and frankly pkglint shouldn't check patch
  >  comments by default.

How is pkgdiff supposed to generate comments? The reason pkglint
whines when there are are no patch comments is that we decided some
time back that all patches should have comments/description.

Adding comments to 21553 patches is a slow process but it is gradually

I don't think this policy is a good idea. Patches have revisions, and you don't (normally) revise a patch with an editor. You regenerate it with pkgdiff, and when that happens the previous comment is lost. Then the person has the addition PITA responsibility of manually updating the new patch with the old comment.

It's more trouble than it's worth. That's what a version control system is (supposed to be) for.

I'd rather prefer most people keep "failing" to add comments.


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