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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/kyua-cli

On Wed, Jun 06, 2012 at 11:05:58PM +0200, John Marino wrote:
 > >Ah, I see.  Well, according to the documentation of chmod(2) in
 > >various systems, sys/stat.h is a prerequisite for this call.
 > >Therefore, the code was bogus in all such systems and not only
 > >DragonFly... which means that the applied patches with conditional
 > >includes are incomplete.
 > I imagine many of my "DragonFly" patches apply to other systems,
 > but I'm not testing the patches on them.  So I rely on the package
 > maintainer to remove the condition if that's the right thing.

For something like this, where all the factors are covered by widely
recognized standards, adding the conditional is likely to make people
assume there's something else DragonFly-specific going on that they
don't know about, and therefore leave it alone.

 > >I could imagine if I tried (only now that you have shown what was
 > >broken), but I should not be doing that.  The commit logs are there to
 > >explain why things are done, so please try to be a bit more
 > >descriptive.  Also, pkglint warns about your patches because they do
 > >not contain a description at the top.  Hmm, writing the explanation in
 > >there would be better in this case, I presume.
 > Okay, that's not fair.  > 95% of the patches have no comment, and
 > as far as I know, pkgdiff doesn't even generate comments.  This
 > feature isn't used much and frankly pkglint shouldn't check patch
 > comments by default.

How is pkgdiff supposed to generate comments? The reason pkglint
whines when there are are no patch comments is that we decided some
time back that all patches should have comments/description.

Adding comments to 21553 patches is a slow process but it is gradually

David A. Holland

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