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Re: pkg/47943 (recent update to libpcap breaks tcpdump, nmap and wireshark on Solaris)

* On 2013-06-21 at 13:20 BST, Jörn Clausen wrote:

> In reply to Adam's mail I have sent my version of
> patches/patch-configure, which only reverts his(?) removal of
> SSRC="dlpisubs.c"
> Everything else he/you have changed is okay.


> I have a hard time believing that
> - requesting '--with-pcap=dlpi' in Makefile
> - removing dlpisubs.c in configure
> at the same time has ever worked in SmartOS. NB: The package builds
> just fine, it's the dependencies that don't compile any longer.

It used to work on SmartOS but does not since the most recent update.  I
am working on it, and will get you to test a patch before I commit.

Jonathan Perkin

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