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Re: pkg/47943 (recent update to libpcap breaks tcpdump, nmap and wireshark on Solaris)

Let me clarify:

 - As someone who has worked on pkgsrc for Solaris for over a decade now,
   and been a strong advocate for it, I would still love for us to support
   as many releases as possible (I even had most of SunOS 4.x support done
   at one point).
 - There is no desire, and never will be at least on my part, to drop
   support for older releases.  It is the entire point of pkgsrc to be
   portable to as many operating systems as possible.

 - As part of my continued work on pkgsrc/Solaris I do not deliberately
   set out to break older releases - on the contrary I will often do what
   I can to avoid this, by adding conditionals for the correct OPSYS
   version or PKGSRC_COMPILER, etc.

 - Unfortunately, I am unable to test my changes on older releases, due to
   the concerns regarding Oracle licensing, and therefore lack of access
   to those systems.


 - I am reliant on users of older releases to point out where we have
   broken things and to help us to resolve these problems.  "You broke it,
   you fix it" is not helpful as I do not have the means necessary to fix

 - If Tim is monitoring solaris-pkg-people for patch-less PRs then I will
   take back my assertion that they aren't helpful.  My opinion on that
   matter is based on the fact that there are 94 open PRs against
   solaris-pkg-people, many of which do not include any suggested fix or
   patch, and my concern has always been that all these do is clutter up
   the PR database.  Broken packages can simply be determined by results
   sent to the pkgsrc-bulk list and will therefore remain current rather
   than stagnate (we still have some open since 2005).

 - It would be fantastic if we could get either:

   - regular pbulk runs from yourselves, or
   - access to older systems (Joyent provide access to a SmartOS machine
     for pkgsrc developers).

   to dynamically pick up these regressions.

So, that said, let's get back to the PR in hand.

I confess to being confused now.  Originally the problem was described to
be missing symbols which may or may not be caused by the removal of
dlpisubs.c, however the latest update says that the only changes you have
made are for manual pages.

Please can you provide the full patch which works for you, I will verify
it on SmartOS, and if it looks good will commit it.


Jonathan Perkin

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