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Re: pkg/47943 (recent update to libpcap breaks tcpdump, nmap and wireshark on Solaris)

>  You broke it, you should fix it...

Well, please provide a patch which works, then.  While regrettable, the
simple fact is that we have many orders of magnitude more illumos-based
users than legacy Solaris, and the priority is on supporting those

I try very hard not to break older SunOS releases but it isn't always
possible due to the lack of testing environments, and it is not clear if
we would be in violation of Oracle's licensing agreement if we were to
build one without a support contract.

So, we are reliant on users of these legacy systems to provide patches for
the rare cases where we have broken support, and if the patches look good
we will integrate them.  Simply telling us that things are broken is not
helpful as we have no way of developing fixes.


Jonathan Perkin

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