Index of pkgsrc-bugs for March, 2004

EL@TWENEX.ORG Some broken packages
Frederick Bruckman Re: Some broken packages
netbsd-install@home. pkg/24866: tcl-itcl (current) doesn't build correct if tcl&tk-8.4.6 is installe
03/21/2004 pkg/24868: graphics/sodipodi update to 0.34
netbsd-install@home. pkg/24870: wmweather (current) doesn't build (patch included)
03/22/2004 pkg/24872: can't resume if gnome is used pkg/24880: clamav-0.66nb1 does not build clamav-milter pkg/24884: xfce4 needs to use CONF_FILES and PKG_SYSCONFDIR
03/23/2004 pkg/24885: Vor bis input plugin not working for xmms
ctribo@college.dtcc. pkg/24886: games/xevil does not compile with gcc 3.x pkg/24888: pkg comms/gsmlib-1.10 doesn't build pkg/24890: PREFER_NATIVE libs ignored
netbsd-install@home. pkg/24891: ImageViewer (current) doesn't package
Thomas Klausner pkgsrc-bugs now active
David Howland tcl-8.4.6 compile errors
Jeremy C. Reed Re: tcl-8.4.6 compile errors
Christian Biere pkg/24893: GNU Ghostscript 7.07 fixes an important security issue
adrianp@stindustries pkg/24903: updated package: textproc/p5-XML-Writer
03/25/2004 pkg/24909: x11/py-qt3-modules fails to package pkg/24910: error wrt bison pkg/24916: update curl to 7.11.1
03/26/2004 pkg/24918: update shells/zsh to 4.2.0 pkg/24921: hot-babe should be more modest :-) pkg/24932: xconq won't build on -current (1.6ZK of 21 March)
Martin Husemann pkg/24934: all pkgsrc fonts force an outdated freetype version to be installed
Martin Husemann pkg/24935: freetype2 has no MKTTINTERP knob pkg/24937: libwww won't build -- checksum failure pkg/24939: mail/imap-uw doesn't compile on darwin pkg/24942: abcde doesn't patch -- bad directory name pkg/24943: lynx won't build -- compilation errors pkg/24944: can't fetch spamassassin pkg/24946: can't fetch stuffit520.611linux-i386.tgz
Martin Husemann pkg/24941: font display in gnome is completely broken
Mirko Thiesen pkg/24947: ntpd from package ntp4 does not start via supplied rc.d script
Ari Lukkarinen gnome2-control-center does not install - libtool problem ?
Bruce J.A. Nourish pkg/24950: graphics/gimp-base not bl3 bug in python23-pth package
Chris Pinnock pkg/24953: gd vs xpm on Solaris 9 pkg/24955: Portability enhancement for pkg_install (and friends)
Michal Pasternak Re: bug in python23-pth package
03/30/2004 pkg/24965: pnetlib doesn't links well against Xft2
Charlie Allom pkg/24966: buildlink3 doesnt have the smarts to munge -pthread for SunPro cc pkg/24968: ttmkfdir2 doesn't write to stdout (as ttmkfdir did) pkg/24970: www/curl lacks kerberos support pkg/24972: x11/gtk2 fails to build pkg/24974: pkgconfig directory not created on graphics/png (pkgviews)
Matthias Scheler pkg/24980: "php4-mysql" package cannot be built with automake 1.8.x
Gary Duzan pkg/24982: news/nntpclnt auth bugs
03/31/2004 pkg/24976: missing file in shells/zsh/PLIST pkg/24977: can't install devel/cvsup-bin on 2.0_BETA pkg/24979: graphics/gimp missing distinfo
juan@xtraeme.unixbsd pkg/24985: Endless loop when building freetype2 (FreeBSD) pkg/24992: kde-vim compilation problem pkg/24996: name of package for Berkeley DB XML should be bdb-xml-1.2.1 not dbxm pkg/24997: xvidcore not building
adrianp@stindustries pkg/24998: updated package: textproc/p5-XML-XPath pkg/24999: lang/tcl and x11/tk problems on multiple operating systems pkg/25000: mailing lists archives browsing is complicated on