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RVP wrote in
 |On Mon, 26 Apr 2021, Steffen Nurpmeso wrote:
 |> RVP wrote in
 |> <>:
 |>  ...
 |>|There should be a removal of the dirs. on the user's final session
 |>|logout, I think.
 |> This is impossible to do with pam that i never liked (nor
 |> understood, in FreeBSD ~twenty years ago),
 |Use POSIX shm_open+sem_open? That should let you do proper reference
 |counting w/o a server. You'll have to pull in -lrt on Linux & NetBSD
 |for this though...

Well, that module had (file-locked file-based) reference counting.
It will not work with programs backgrounding away, like tmux.
Unless you PAMify them all.  Even then.
Any shell script can background away.
You thus need a global authority collecting all per-user programs
that execve(2) away from a (child of a) program who enabled
a session, which was what i (who never looked into this, being
a fan of runit or just nothing but SysV init or say OpenBSD, and
who never touched FreeBSD PAM stuff but just used what shipped)
would have expected .. it seems.  Because i was surprised to find
out that was not what was happening (and shouldn't it be nothing
but a single bit and some kind of notification).
I dislike all the people liking systemd for allowing exactly this.

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