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On Sat, 24 Apr 2021, Rhialto wrote:

Did you ever have LyX installed / running before?

No, not on my NetBSD machine at any rate.

It is just a wild guess, but does it help if you install that?

xdg-utils got installed along with Lyx and the qt5 packages.

Did you install from the latest stable branch (2021Q1)? I have; if you
installed from the -current version, there may be differences. And if
you mixed installs from different point in time of pkgsrc, that may also
confuse things.

I have a tendency to mix 'n match, or, rather, sometimes -- as you sagely note -- mix 'n mismatch pkgsrc, which requires me to let my NetBSD system from time to time grind through pkg_rolling-replace to straighten out the kind of problems to which you allude. That task was accomplished as recently as last week.

Thank you.


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