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Re: OS-level virtualization

On 4/11/21 8:51 AM, Austin Kim wrote:
while I’m ok decent with Git, to be able to contribute anything
useful I’d obviously have to get more intimately familiar with CVS
(but am really dreading sitting down to read up on CVS; I’d even
prefer Subversion or Mercurial over CVS).
For one, there are git, mercurial and fossil replications of the NetBSD CVS source tree, so you get to freely pick your poison. And until you are given commit bits, you would have to work on a local tree, anyway.

For another, the subset of CVS features that you need as a regular developer is surprisingly narrow. The relevant parts in the (well written) Cederqvist manual <> should cover you easily - after all, CVS has a much smaller footprint than the contemporary distributed VCSen.

It never ceases to amaze me how people claim to have mastered git, then proceed to make a mountain out of a molehill... how can you expect to find your way through the complexities of the NetBSD source tree, when you cannot even come to terms with CVS?


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