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Re: OS-level virtualization

> Zooming out, in the grand scheme of things, as desirable as having a NetBSD counterpart fo Illumos Zones or FreeBSD Jails would be, I realize this is down the list of priorities behind migrating NetBSDâ??s SCM system from CVS to Git
being the first priority followed (IMHO) by getting root on ZFS integrated into _sysinst_.  Both are things I would be interested in contributing to one day (but can never seem to force myself to make free time), though in the
case of the former, while Iâ??m ok decent with Git, to be able to contribute anything useful Iâ??d obviously have to get more intimately familiar with CVS (but am really dreading sitting down to read up on CVS; Iâ??d even prefer
Subversion or Mercurial over CVS).  I feel like (though I donâ??t have any evidence to back this up) perennially never attaining critical mass to migrate to Git is potentially turning off potential new users and developers to the
project (particularly fresh young CS/CE talent coming out of schools and universities where Git is pretty much the standard SCM system taught todayâ??imagine if you came across a Web site about an OS you werenâ??t previously familiar
with but upon further reading found out it was still using SCCS or RCS as its VCS and how that might affect your perception of the project), but that is the topic of a completely different thread entirely.  (Sorry I got off topic;
recently came across some old articles about FreeBSDâ??s 2012â??13 transition from CVS to SVN and more recently from SVN to Git and was just floored thinking about the technical heavy lift and engineering challenge that must have
involved on the part of so many people and just awestruck how they in the end managed to pull it offâ?¦)

> Austin

What is this, NetBSD's SCM system switching from CVS to Git?

I thought NetBSD was setting up to switch from CVS to Mercurial.

I am still curious when this planned switch is intended to take place, or if they might ultimately decide in favor of git.

FreeBSD switch from svn to git was a decidedly nontrivial matter, especially for the ports tree, ports being FreeBSD's counterpart to NetBSD's pkgsrc.


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