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blocklistd: How to keep my dynamic IP from getting blocked

I have a NetBSD 9.1 VPS server running blocklistd

At home I have an ISP connection which provides me a dynamic IP. Several
devices from home connect to VPS over ssh, many of them use autossh to
hold the connection active (for some reason but that's another story).

Strangely autossh manages to fail auth irking blocklistd and that ends up
blocking access to all devices at home as they share the same external
dynamic IP. (Let's keep aside why autossh manages to fail auth for now.)

What scheme can I work out to keep my dynamic IP from getting blocked.
E.g. I can periodically (or on noticing that IP has changed) keep dumping
my external IP address into a file on the VPS, over ssh. Is there any way
to instruct blocklistd to ignore (not block) an IP stored in a particular
file (when such IP can keep changing).

Alternatively does it need to be done at npf's level?


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