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Re: Using a USB MIDI controller as input for LMMS

Hi Nia,

Am 25.03.21 um 10:38 schrieb nia:
Are you sure it isn't /dev/rmidi1?
The last line in your dmesg output indicates it has attaches as midi1.

You are right:

mpeterma@x230Mk10 ~ [SIGINT|SIGINT]> cat /dev/rmidi1|hexdump
0000000 01b0 b072 7101 01b0 b070 6f01 01b0 b06e
0000010 6d01 01b0 b06c 6b01 01b0 b06a 6901 01b0
0000020 b068 6701 01b0 b066 6501 01b0 b064 6301
0000030 01b0 b062 6101 01b0 b060 5e01 01b0 b05d
0000040 5c01 01b0 b05a 5901 01b0 b058 5701 01b0
0000050 b056 5501 01b0 b053 5201 01b0 b051 5001

( I tried this with /dev/rmidi0 before and got a "Device not configured" )

Anyway, LMMS still doesn't receive any input from the controller.

The code "looks like it should work". Sadly, I haven't had an opportunity
to test LMMS with a real MIDI keyboard - I use a computer keyboard.
The code and support in fluidsynth is very similar.

I'll check out fluidsynth... maybe there is a pattern.

Kind regards

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