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Re: Using a USB MIDI controller as input for LMMS

On Thu, Mar 25, 2021 at 10:29:07AM +0100, Matthias Petermann wrote:
> Hello all,
> today a hobby question :-) As the subject already reveals, I want to make
> music with NetBSD.
> LMMS is quite comfortable for me and now only the USB MIDI controller would
> have to work. It also almost seems like I'm only missing one teeny tiny
> detail.


> That is the kernel output I get when I plug in the controller:
> ```
> [snip]
> [ 1131610,270409] umidi0: (genuine USB-MIDI)
> [ 1131610,270409] umidi0: out=1, in=1
> [ 1131610,270409] midi1 at umidi0: <0 >0 on umidi0
> ```
> Am I correct in assuming that I can infer that /dev/rmidi0 is the associated
> device? If so, how can I tell exactly? The access rights of all rmidi
> devices seem at least ok:

Are you sure it isn't /dev/rmidi1?
The last line in your dmesg output indicates it has attaches as midi1.

LMMS takes a raw midi device but midirecord uses the sequencer.

The code "looks like it should work". Sadly, I haven't had an opportunity
to test LMMS with a real MIDI keyboard - I use a computer keyboard.
The code and support in fluidsynth is very similar.

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