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Re: 9.1 upgrade fails: Shared object"" not found


I see most of the confusion is resolved.  Following up on a

>> The other option is to upgrade to current current.
> I don't see a path to installing current on a broken system.

That depends on how broken the system is :)

> The download options for current all seem to be in terms of
> source only. I'm not complaining, just trying to understand.

will contain a recent binary snapshot of the latest -current
build result for amd64 -- we're doing continous daily builds of
(among others) NetBSD-current, and make them available as above.

Since you have the ability to boot 9.1 via CD, you can use that
to mount the hard drive file system(s), and manually upgrade
using that binary snapshot.  Just remember to use the "p" flag
during extraction with tar, and do so from the root directory of
the hard drive file systems, so that ownership and permissions
are preserved for the extracted files and the files are placed
where they belong.

Do remember to also extract a -current kernel and place it as
being available as /netbsd on the hard drive root file system.


- Håvard

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