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Re: 9.1 upgrade fails: Shared object"" not found

On Sat, 20 Mar 2021, Bob Bernstein wrote:

trouble appeared:
panic init died (signal 0, exit 1)
cpu0 begin traceback...
vpanic() at netbsd:vpanic+0x160

...and so on.

This indicates that init was killed with a SIGHUP (probably
as part of the upgrade process). Then, when the libc changed
underneath init, the kernel couldn't restart it and panicked.

All Unixes, I think, will panic if init dies unexpectedly.
And, when that happens the NetBSD kernel will drop you into
the debugger. Test this yoirself by booting into single-user
mode, then, at the prompt:

# kill -ABRT 1

Run an fsck and mtree against the specs. Your upgrade
probably went OK, if no serious errors are reported
by either.


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