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cp hangs on copies from USB stick

I’m running NetBSD 9.1 on an amd64k system.  Wanted to preserve some files from an old Windows-XP system so I initialized a USB stick on Windows and copied the files to it - well most of them.  One file was too large to fit so the copy of that file failed when it “ran of the end of the USB stick”.  No problem I thought, I’d just copy what was on the USB stick, delete all the files from it and go back and copy that one file that initially didn’t fit.

I should have removed the failed file from the USB first but I didn’t and just took it to my NetBSD system to do a “cp -r /usb /archive”.  When it got to the one file that had failed to copy correctly it copied all the bytes that were there then “cp” hung and couldn’t or wouldn’t move to the next file it should have found on the USB.  At that point I couldn’t kill the “cp” process and the only way I was able to clear it out was to reboot the entire system.

Known issues with NetBSD 9.1, or is this something new and if so should I file a PR?


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