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Re: Advice on a bricked N900

On Tue, Nov 10, 2020 at 01:30:43AM +0100, Pierre Pronchery wrote:
> PS: you will probably need to flash the bootloader of your N900 in order to
> be able to boot NetBSD on it. The tools required for that may not be easy to
> find anymore. Let me know if you need some help there.

Thanks, I did come across your work when searching for a solution.

I found the flashing tools for Linux and maemo images also.

But I am stuck with a strange problem: N900 is designed such that it
doesn't charge until it is booted and I can't boot without flashing and
flashing requires some minimal level of charging.

The original battery was swollen and had to be thrown away. Bought a new
battery (not so easy to get) but flashing wasn't working with it. Thought
it might be due to charging level. Knew someone else with the same device
but this battery won't charge on his device because the device won't boot
with this battery.

Finally bought an external charger (aka universal charger), but use of
this charger led to swelling of the new battery and it had to be thrown
away as well...

Battery and dependence on it being charged to do anything with the device
has become a show stopper right now.


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