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Re: Filesystem checks with noauto

On 27.10.2020 21:22, Sad Clouds wrote:
I have a Gluster volume on NetBSD box. It has long
description in fstab

/usr/pkg/sbin/mount_glusterfs#gfs01:/gva      /gva    puffs
1 2

I assume noauto should disable filesystem checks, but the
server can not boot. The first actual problem is checking
filesystem that may not be available, and second that it
tries to mount glusterfs before /usr is available and
/usr/pkg/sbin/mount_glusterfs exists.

What may I do to workaround this? For now I have to mount
it manually. And will it be fixed in future release?

Well noauto simply means don't automatically mount during boot. As for
the second issue, have you tried critical_filesystems_local="/usr"
in /etc/rc.conf? Not sure how fstab determines mount priority, would it
be random or simply same order as written on each line?

Yes, I have this in rc.conf:
critical_filesystems_local="/var /usr /tmp"

this does not help. I have changed 5 and 6 fields in fstab to "0 0", will see if it helps.

Sincerely yours,
Dima Veselov
Physics R&D Establishment of Saint-Petersburg University

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