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Re: Raspberry Pi, swapping cards.

David Restall <> writes:

Your question is entirely reasonable.

> Today I took the SD Card and plugged it into another Raspberry Pi.
> It boots and I get a login prompt but there is no network connectivity
> (I couldn't ping it or ssh to it) and the USB keyboard doesn't work.
> It looks as if the USB bus doesn't get started - the keyboard caps lock
> doesn't cause any lights to come on for instance.  These are both early
> Raspberry Pi models :-
> Hardware        : BCM2835
> Revision        : 0000
> If I swap the card back to the original hardware it works fine.  Is this
> a known quirk or have I missed something in the build process.
> I know the Pi's are both good - I can do the card shuffle with a Devuan
> image and it all works fine.

I am not aware of this being a known issue.

Two thoughts:

  swap the power supplies as well.  It is possible that one is weak, and
  that NetBSD stresses it more than the other thing you are running.  I
  don't think this is super likely, but it's easy.

  Extract the dmesg output from the system that doesn't start USB, and
  compare it to the one that does.   You will likely have to remove the
  timestamps to do this.    This output should end up in

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